My Experience

My name is Al and I have been practising yoga for over 20 years.
I fell in love with yoga, it has been the only path to healing mentally and physically for me.

When I was feeling mentally well my yoga practice was there, getting me through - feeling happy, balanced, and optimistic.

Yet during the darkest times I let my practice slip.... not realising at the time that’s when I really needed yoga’s benefits.

Cue 2018, I was reintroduced to meditation during a stay in hospital.

I thought “I know this stuff!” and soon I was back practicing yoga as often as I could...I began to feel mentally well quite quickly. It wasn’t a coincidence.

Hatha Yoga stimulates out PSNS, relaxing us through the postures (asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama), and relaxation through Yoga Nidra and meditation (Dhyana)

I decided to teach as I wanted to share this amazing and beautiful practice with others.
I also feel honoured to be part of the huge community of yogis worldwide and grateful for the experiences I have had in life which brought me on this journey.

Alongside my fantastic yoga practice, I love to run and find that yoga (has so far) prevented me from injury.

What I Teach

One of the oldest forms of yoga, Hatha which is a beautiful practice. This includes:

Yoga Nidra- with practice you begin to fully relax yet it energises you like a mini cat nap

Asana (postures) – to gain flexibility, strength, and balance
Sun and moon salutations
Pranayama- breathing techniques
Meditation- to give you the space to create calmness in your mind

I also offer:

Restorative yoga - using bolsters and cushions for a relaxed feel Yoga for Mental Health- including Trauma Informed yoga Corporate Well-being sessions, Hen Party Yoga, Mini-Me Yoga.