I'm an absolute beginner, will the classes be suitable for me?

Yes! All my classes will be designed to benefit beginners to more advanced yogis as ill offer adapted poses and don’t worry this is your yoga journey, no one is judging you and you’ll begin to leave your own self-imposed judgements behind.
Some asanas may be challenging but as your strength and flexibility improve you can expect to improve with practice over time. I will guide you in alignment if you are happy for me to do this too.

What clothing and equipment will I need?

A yoga mat and some comfortable clothing so you can move freely.
I can provide some mats but always encourage yogis to buy their own, as they absorb your energy over time.
Zafu’s are recommended for sitting in meditation but you can just fold over your yoga mat!
For restorative yoga I will bring bolsters and cushions but feel free to bring your own.
I try not to encourage props but if you want to bring your own, that’s ok too.

I have underlying health conditions, will yoga be safe for me?

Yoga benefits so many little niggles we have but there are some limits: pregnancy, MS, Dementia, severe joint problems, stroke, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS. Speak to your GP first to get the go-ahead.
Give me a call if you have any concerns.

I have a health commitment statement and physical activity readiness questionnaire, completely confidential of course which I would ask you to complete before beginning a class.
This also allows me to adapt classes for your needs.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions.